Wine tasting order:
1 / wine poured into glasses, usually three a cup full (to the standard glass dollars)
2 / Naqijiubei should be a cup of wine in the foot rather than the belly, to avoid the characteristics of palm wine, thermal effects
3 / Naqijiubei tilt a little, you can look there is no precipitate, or even wood chips, some experts believe that then you can gently sniff (sediment is not necessarily a bad wine, red wine has aged a lot in this case)
4 / Naqijiubei drove counterclockwise turn, so that comes out of wine, the French called this stage as the "peacock of wine," is a wonderful stage
5 / looking down its nose into the cup to smell, and then take a sip, the mouth, "ponder" the temperature of the mouth odor but also speeded up the dissemination of
6 / Some restaurants will even try a professional to prepare a small tube in the side, used to hold the spit from the failure of the wine!
7 / detail some of the even write down on paper with pen with port wine on that vision, taste, smell and feel

Drinking (drinking) and taste the wine (wine tasting) is very different from alcohol can be said to go belly bushel bushel's coming down, but the taste of a real wine, is a small population of wine do not stop at the mouth swallow to wine aroma (aroma) comes out, and sailed into the cable, that end is the realm of wine does not intoxicate people from drunk, a study called retro-olfaction is a good produced in this state interpretations.
Wine tasting gives you a lot of fun, in addition to ease body and mind, you can vacuum, which also contains a lot of knowledge, in particular, and a group of like-minded friends, with the guess the wine name, wine regions guess, guess the year of production, compared to knocks drink it, in addition to increasing awareness about wine, but it is much more fun.

Wine into the wine (red wine), with red grapes, the process mainly just cool juice grape skin and grape together fermentation, alcohol is generally not high, only last 8 to 14%, entry is easy. Major producer of wine in France, Italy, Portugal and Australia, which of course in Bordeaux, France (Bordeaux) produced the favorite for most people, it have always been talked about subtle and delicate, this wine is to taste them as the protagonist.

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