【Taiwan News, Zhuang Ruimeng roundup wake】 Australia's Queensland region experienced severe flooding attack, a local people when visiting their homes, saw a frog in the rolling flood, just riding in a snake swimming in the water, as if going to refuge screen to subvert the laws of the natural food chain, but also people can not help but smiled, and the animal kingdom where there are "zeroing."


澳洲電腦工程師格拉赫(Armin Gerlach)稍早與朋友回到昆士蘭省的多爾比(Dalby)災區巡視家園時,無意間看到水面上有條蛇,而且竟然還發現一隻青蛙就坐在蛇的背上,彷佛騎著蛇要到水的另一頭或較安全地方避難,他拍下上傳的照片隨後開始在網路上流傳。 Australian computer engineer Gerlach (Armin Gerlach) earlier with a friend back to Queensland, Dalby (Dalby) visited the disaster area homes, accidentally saw a snake on the water, and even found a frog sitting on a snake back, as if riding the snake to the other side of the water a safer place or refuge, and he photographed then began uploading photos circulating on the Internet.


他在接受訪問時表示,「過去我常聽說,動物在遇到洪水或火災時,經常出現彼此幫忙的情形。」不過,由於他是頭一次看見蛇與青蛙共存,仍相當驚訝於大自然界的奧妙。 He said in an interview, "In the past I often heard that animals in case of flood or fire, the situation often help each other." However, as is the first time he saw the snake and frog co-existence, is still quite surprised at the large natural wonders.


他也表示,罕見洪水造成他朋友房屋受損,水淹甚至高到47公分,這場昆士蘭的大洪水災難,各國也已陸續伸出援手。 He also said that his friends house rare floods damaged or flooded to 47 cm high, this Dahong Queensland floods is difficult, countries have started to help. 根據澳洲外交部指出,包括巴布亞紐幾內亞印尼已答應出資協助當地重建,其他包括聯合國 、中國、美國與新加坡也都有意願加入, 斯里蘭卡則提供茶葉資助。 According to the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out, including Papua New Guinea and Indonesia have agreed to assist the local redevelopment funding, other, including the United Nations , China, the United States and Singapore also have a willingness to join the Sri Lanka Tea funding is provided.


另一方面,昆士蘭省負責洪災重建的史雷特(Mick Slater)也表示,澳洲絕對有能力讓昆士蘭重建,同時,他也會盡力減少過去因官僚作業而影響到災後重建工作的情況發生。 On the other hand, Queensland is responsible for flood reconstruction Shi Leite (Mick Slater) also said that Australia definitely has the ability to Queensland reconstruction, the same time, he will try to reduce the impact of the past due to bureaucratic jobs and reconstruction work to happen

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